Our Story

Nick Astley-Day’s passion for creating jewellery began with curiosity and a little scepticism. A friend invited him to a workshop and whilst he wasn’t initially sure, his sense of adventure prevailed. Soon an experience turned into a hobby and then, having honed his craftsmanship to the highest level, a purpose led business was born, “Astley Day.”

Astley Day features exclusive high-end handmade jewellery made by Nick or a member of his hand-picked team as well as carefully selected items suppliers from around the world. All jewellery is made using the finest precious metal and stones and comes with an internationally recognised certificate of provenance. We take immense pride creating beautiful family heirlooms that you will pass onto generations as part of your legacy on this earth.

Nick’s love for jewellery designing and making is not focused solely on the outcome. Yes, he feels a sense of excitement, pride and anticipation when he finishes a beautiful piece but he also thoroughly enjoys the process too. It’s thrilling for him, as it involves transformation, earthly elements and the use of opposing forces. The process starts with boldness. Fire melts and smoulders precious metals, strength is used to hammer and shape the piece as it begins to take shape. The flow changes and slows down. The skills needed now are focused on details and precision.

Carefully and mindfully, he creates a piece that will exceed the hopes and dreams of his client. Sometimes, creating something they didn’t know they needed but will now cherish for a lifetime. Once it leaves Nick, each piece will go on to have its own story and its own history.  Sometimes even passing down from loved one to loved one. Being a small part of each pieces’ legacy is a privilege Nick holds highly which is why he commits fully and truly to every step of every commission.