White Gold Natural Tanzanites & Diamond Bracelet



A signature piece!

This stunning 14 Carat White Gold Bracelet contains 37 pear shaped Natural Tanzanites weighing a whopping 15.66 carats. These rare stones are complimented by 7 Round Brilliant Natural Diamonds with a carat weight of 0.05.

Gazing into Tanzanite for just a moment is all it takes to fall in love with this spectacular gemstone. In the light of day, deep electric blues evoke that ‘love at first sight’ feeling, and in the evening its subtle flashes of purple, violet and red ignite a deep sense of passion. It is a gemological and geographical phenomenon, so much so that the geological conditions required for the gem to turn into its trademark blue are so rare that it’s been described as ‘more astounding than the stone itself’.

Tanzanite is extremely popular due to its trichroic nature, which means that three different colors can be seen when looking at the gem from different angles. In Tanzanite’s case, these colors are blue, pinkish violet and pink, all of which are a wonder to behold.

The bracelet measures 17cm and has a total weight of 13.45 grammes


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